Simple Meals, Cheap, Easy, Hungry

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Asheville, getting out of my food comfort zone aka Rosettas

The flow in Asheville is constant. Everything is moving in its own divine pattern. I went downtown and explored more this weekend, also trying to try new places to eat, besides Rosettas. P.S. Rosettas is still my favorite.

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Eating farm to table, goats, eggplant french toast trial

I’ve been feeling more at peace with just being. Sometimes life moves too fast, we forget to breath. So many things are going on, and sometimes I get caught up in wanting to do them all. Being in the mountains, on the farm, I feel content.

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Opening and learning ft sushi making 

Aching. We are constantly aching for the next thing. I had a dream the other night reminding me to stay present. Although our physical selves are in certain places, our mental self may not be. Our inner being is such a big part that if it is not in something, it will probably not last or we will probably not feel and appreciate it. Bringing in our total being with whatever we do is important to truly experience life.

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Eating out, Orlando

Believe it or not, Orlando is a lot more than Disney land. There’s a growing community and a great vegan community as well. Monthly vegan potlucks and meet ups are all around.

Above is some delicious, animal product free desserts. This is from vahalla bakery, which is located inside a vegan restaurant , market on South. Vahalla was voted best bakery in Orlando, and surprise, it’s vegan too!

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