Beyond Burger Trial


The Beyond Burger : A very similar to meat veggie patty. I’d seen this special patty online but never took the chance to find it in a store. Today I decided to take that chance.

 At almost $7 you get 2 veggie patties. I honestly was not a fan, there was a funky taste. It wasn’t very satisfying for me. Anyway, I will show you what I made.


I boiled some water for potatoes. I boiled until soft and then added garlic powder, earth balance, salt and almond milk.

IMG_8874My original plan was to make plantain buns. That didn’t work out. I cut them in half and fried them attempting to make a decent sized bun.


I put aluminum foil on a bowl to smash the plantains into tostones, or my attempt of a bun.


That didn’t work, so I cut them in half again. Then I pan fried the flattened plantains.


I panfried the beyond burger


Mixed up some just mayo and ketchup for a sauce


And done! Make sure you make the plantains thin enough when you flatten them so they can cook well.


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