Thanksgiving brought me back to Florida! Time was well spent seeing family and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in years. 

This year for Thanksgiving I didn’t have time to cook, I flew in the night before to Tampa. But I did make a quick mushroom, brussel sprout,and potato dish which was delicious! There were also a few vegan options available. And it was really nice to find another vegetarian there!

I spent a lot of time going to a place called Locale Market, in St Pete. This was basically a bigger version of what is in Orlando, called East End Market. They have multiple stands with different food, and also some produce and drinks.

Surprise! They had one donut that was vegan, the chocolate donut. I also found some natural deodorant and Dr Bronners there. The juices and smoothies were from this mostly vegan stand. They even had bowls that could be made with vegan soft serve.

I also took a stop to Love Central, a vegan restaurant in St Pete. They had delicious vegan soft serve vanilla ice cream. I got coconut bacon to top it. Overall St Pete was a pretty cool place and definitely very vegan friendly !



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