Pizza Quesadilla Vegan-ish Remake

Last week I stumbled upon a video for a pizza quesadilla on Facebook. Up until I made this, I was day dreaming about creating a veganish pizzadilla. Finally, The time had come.

First I had seasoned the tempeh I used. I used garlic salt, liquid aminos and honey. This is veganish because the honey. To make vegan , use maple syrup, coconut nectar, or agave. Braggs can be replaced with soy sauce or tamari. I used about 2 tbsp, 1 tsp honey and 1/2 tsp garlic salt. I let this marinate for around 30 minutes.

I pan fried the tempeh in olive oil. And afterwards sauted the spinach and put them to the side.


Here are the ingredients used! Tempeh, pasta sauce, daiya cheddar, spinach and GF tortillas.


So basically you put the red sauce on, then top with the toppings. Then you top this with another tortilla. And let fry until the cheese has melted(on low heat). To flip this you get a plate and flip the tortilla on to the plate. Then you can slide it back onto the pan. After that you top the tortilla like you did before, with sauce, cheese, etc. Then put that in the oven for 2 minutes on broiler mode. Woo then it’s done!!


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