Savory pancakes and markets

Nestled inside a of a warm fluid place with loved ones, singing and floating in this warm space, becoming completely in the flow and into the oneness that is felt once we let go. 

This is some of the feelings I felt when I thought about when I die. Meditation reminds me to bring myself back to the bigger picture and remember our wholeness.

I took a trip to the UNCA farmers market on Saturday, pictured above. Some oyster mushrooms and bok choy was purchased.

For the mushrooms I mixed them in with some paprika, tamarin and coconut nectar. Alternatively braggs/soysauce can be used instead of tamari , and maple syrup would do well instead of coconut nectar. I only put about a tbsp or less of tamari and a pinch of paprika and coconut nectar. I cooked these in some olive oil and it was bacon-like.

First I sauted onions and then added the bok choy, along with some left over of the tamari sauce mixture from the oyster mushrooms.

Into the pancake mixture (boxed pancake mix ) I added about a cup of the bok choy mixture and also some curry powder and garlic powder. It may sound like a weird mixture but actually turned out delicious. For pre-made pancake mix, eggs can be replaced with apple sauce/chia egg/flax egg etc and water or non dairy milk can be used.


And the finished product! Super delicious and quick meal : )


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