Asheville, getting out of my food comfort zone aka Rosettas

The flow in Asheville is constant. Everything is moving in its own divine pattern. I went downtown and explored more this weekend, also trying to try new places to eat, besides Rosettas. P.S. Rosettas is still my favorite.

I checked out Plant. This place ended up being pretty high end. The bowl pictured in the first picture was $18 and included tofu, peanuts, cabbage, kimchi, broccoli, etc. On the right is okra for $7 and a vegan cheese platter which was $13. Overall the food was good,but the prices , not so much.

Downtown there is also a little market with some good priced items, they have $1 coffee and $2 apple cider.


A little outside downtown is a grocery store called Greens. It is basically a whole foods. I tried the local kombucha, called Lenny Boy. Personally I was not a fan, the flavor was not tasted and it was overly vinegary. This is coming from someone who doesn’t mind a vinegary taste. Buchi was delicious as always.

Avi and I checked out Addissae for Ethiopian food. We shared the $10 lunch platter. Not necessarily cheap, but not too overly expensive either. I wasn’t hungry afterwards.

I made my way to the public library downtown, and took some time to read. This a good place to stop in to use a computer if needed or read a good book, they also have a section to buy used books.


Overall Asheville has treated me well and these changing colors are still leaving me in awe.


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