Eating farm to table, goats, eggplant french toast trial

I’ve been feeling more at peace with just being. Sometimes life moves too fast, we forget to breath. So many things are going on, and sometimes I get caught up in wanting to do them all. Being in the mountains, on the farm, I feel content.

Above is one of the sweet goats on the farm, along with some chicken eggs I “picked” from their coop.

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I also picked some kale and sage for my breakfast

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For breakfast I mixed 2 eggs from the chickens with some goat milk and salt. I chopped up garlic, sage and kale for the omelette. P.s. I don’t condone eating eggs unless you know and trust where they’re coming from. Chicken eggs that are marked as as cage free are not truly cage free, they have hardly any space and live in shit conditions, don’t let the term cage free fool you. Chicken eggs marked as cruelty free get more space but are still being used to make profit. For chickens to just be living for someone else to solely make profit, is not humane to me.

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Here is the omelette, stuffed with spinach, sage and garlic, and topped with tomatillo. On the side is my home made bread, goat milk cream cheese from the goats here, and papaya kimchi that I made a couple weeks ago.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Yesterday I experimented with a recipe I found for eggplant french toast. I cut and peeled the eggplant, then let sit with salt for 30 minutes to sweat out the bitterness. I mixed eggs, goat milk, cinnamon, and ginger for the french toast batter, then pan fried.

I mixed some raspberries with the goat milk cream cheese to make a topping for the french toast. I also added sugar to this. If you want to make this at home I promote using a non dairy cream cheese, unless you have or know someone who has a cow or goat. Honestly I like the taste of vegan cream cheese more than goat milk cream cheese. The eggplant french toast could probably be veganized if you added maple syrup rather than egg into the batter. But I say just use bread instead of eggplant, it’s a lot better.



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