Mountain Experiments


I’m back where the leaves change colors. I’m grateful to be back in the mountains, free of mosquito bites and full of fresh air.


I arrived to North Carolina on Monday, and was lovingly greeted by the mountains and yellow ,red and orange leaves.


It’s amazing how different a place can be that’s just a few hours away.


Last night I decided to get into the kitchen and make some bread. While working in Georgia, the cook would frequently make bread, and I learned a thing or two through him. I find bread that is made by the hands of me or others, turns out better than bread in a bread machine. There something special about bread that has been kneaded by someone, their energy has been put into that bread.

img_6197              I picked a giant eggplant yesterday, and decided to make use of that for dinner. img_6200

I combined tahini, soy sauce, asian seasoning, and goat milk ( from the goat here ) in a bowl, and added the eggplant. I let that soak for around 30 minutes.


In a food processor I blended radishes, onions, garlic, eggs from the chickens here, and salt. This I found for a recipe of radish “hash browns”.  I topped this over the eggplant mix.


It turned out pretty good! I cut it like lasagna and ate it with the home made bread.


I wonder if the mixture was only good because it was warm. Having a nice piece of home made bread and warm veggies was delightful, due to how cold it gets in the house from all the windows.


I’ve been thinking recently about my eating habits, and realize I go by vegan, but thats not always true. I have to go by vegan in restaurants and in others homes otherwise people will think I will consume the animal products from tortured animals. It’d be nice to have a new category of eating which is based around the principles of “humane”. But really humane, not certified humane like the eggs in the store. This could apply to other things like clothing and things made in sweat shops, just as vegan goes to the extent of clothing from animals. Of course it’s very difficult to eat and live 100% humane, but we can do our best at it.



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