Sustainable kashi weekend 

This past weekend I visited sustainable kashi/kashi ashram. Above is the hanuman temple. This place is really beautiful, we did a fire ceremony  on Friday night and had a sat song on Saturday. During the day Saturday we got to work on the farm, pull out 4 pound potatoes and create new garden beds

We worked solely on the hanuman garden . The potatoes we pulled were to be sold at the Sunday market

Here at the Sunday market were plants, Kombucha, glitter hair, and baked goods.

Here are the baked goods all home made by the chef here. Sadly they weren’t vegan but he cooks mostly vegan food

From 12-2 was the lunch buffet. Non-chicken salad, sushi, pasta, etc.

And here’s the delicious meal the chef cooked on Saturday night. The avocado wasabi dressing to top everything was amazing!!

And the moon Saturday night, shining above the pond.

These fairies put sparkle strips in hair! I love the idea and was able to get a strip done for free

And that sums up the weekend. Over all great time getting back into nature and eating delicious food!!


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