Opening and learning ft sushi making 

Aching. We are constantly aching for the next thing. I had a dream the other night reminding me to stay present. Although our physical selves are in certain places, our mental self may not be. Our inner being is such a big part that if it is not in something, it will probably not last or we will probably not feel and appreciate it. Bringing in our total being with whatever we do is important to truly experience life.

On other notes I have been working on sushi! Filled with avocado and vegan faux salmon which is a combo of carrots , liquid smoke, soy sauce, and spices. I’ve learned that the knife needs to be wet and cleaned in between slices and this makes a HUGE difference

I also combine siracha and just mayo to make a vegan spicy mayo which is delicious

And add a little inside ! I’m using a method with a towel and plastic wrap on top in order to roll the sushi

On other notes we had a potluck at a local community house with vegan dishes filled with mushrooms. Cauliflower mushroom soup, a mushroom eggless frittata, Shepards pie, etc.

Much blessings to everyone !


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