Eating out, Orlando

Believe it or not, Orlando is a lot more than Disney land. There’s a growing community and a great vegan community as well. Monthly vegan potlucks and meet ups are all around.

Above is some delicious, animal product free desserts. This is from vahalla bakery, which is located inside a vegan restaurant , market on South. Vahalla was voted best bakery in Orlando, and surprise, it’s vegan too!

The sanctum is a relatively new restaurant in Orlando, located close by downtown. They mostly provide different bowls, yet they have brunch on Sunday’s with interesting menu items.

Although their menu is so simple, the food is delicious . The portions are not huge, and it is a bit pricey for me personally, but it is definitely a place you can go and be satisfied with the tastes of the food after.

In front is the pasta e crema, to the left, the sushi bowl, and I believe the last is the karma bowl. Personally my favorite was the sushi bowl!

Here she is!

And here’s some local Kombucha! Made with love, and also by a good friend. Living vitalitea 🙂

Here in the east side of Orlando, closer to the UCF campus, is some creole food. This place is called kreyol kafe and bakery. Here is the legim stewed vegetables, minus the beef. I also got a side of some mayo free cabbage, which was a good topping for the food. This was super filling and the place was filled with love.

And of my most recent eats, lazy moon. Also located by UCF, is this pizza place with gigantic pizza slices. 3.95 a slice, create your own. Here is a slice with daiya vegan cheese, spinach and Carmelized onions.

The concept of the place is pretty great, and you definitely get your money’s worth. These are just a few of the great places in Orlando, there are so many more for delicious eats!


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