Back in Orlando, back in the kitchen 

Getting back to a kitchen has been a really nice feeling. I’ve just gotten back home for a few days and have gotten to make some delicious food and see some lovely people!

I roasted some cauliflower with sesame oil, olive oil, barbecue sauce and a little bit of spices. Baked at 425 around 25 minutes

In the food processor I made a cashew sauce , similar to the recipe on my kale salad. Canola oil, lemon juice, nutritional yeast, salt, a clove of garlic and a touch of water .

Then I mixed a tomatoe and avocado with some salt, cayenne, (maybe a couple of other spices) and kept that for a topping

Here are the burgers I cooked up from trader joes, they were delicious!

Then I just put some cashew sauce on the bun, some avocado mix on the other, topped with a veggie burger and tomatoe and done!

The next day I sautéed soem shiitakes, onions and garlic with thyme, truffle salt and basil. I put this on some pizza dough along with vegan cheese

Half of that is an un vegan pizza for my family.

And my last day I chopped up some mangos, garlic and onion for fried rice!

Along with red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, soy sauce and a siracha off brand.

I cut zucchini ends off, cut in half, filled some with marinara sauce, tomatoes and vegan cheese, and the rest with this fried rice mixture.

More food adventures to come! I will be work trading in a place where phones aren’t permitted in the main areas, so we will see if I’m able to take cooking pictures


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