Creating, near Asheville

Above is a tempeh Reuben and Kombucha at Rosetta’s kitchen and buchi bar in Asheville , North Carolina. The flight, which was all the Kombucha flavors in small portions was amazing and $6.

I thought this shot glass in one of the stores was very appropriate

Staying at my friends farm house let me get back in the kitchen. This is a butternutsquash soup. Here is the link to the recipe I replaced coconut milk with goat milk because my friend has a goat which is producing milk.

I crushed up some cacao, added about 1/4 cup chia seeds and 2 cups of goat milk into a pot, added cocoa powder, and sugar and was abundant in chia pudding.

I went mushroom picking on a trail around the blue ridge park way. I picked a lot of mushrooms hoping they were chanterelles. I still am not 100% if they were or not but do know that chanterelles grow where I was.

My last experiment was mint chocolate chip ice cream. This was a throw everything together type of thing. We let mint sit in the goat milk over night, while other milk sat with some tulsi. Then added it to the machine, with a can of coconut milk, sugar and 2 eggs from my friends chickens.

It turned out pretty good !

Kathmandu in Asheville has a delicious lunch buffet with many vegan options! For about $10

On our last day we went to leaf festival, which is a free festival with live music, vendors and food trucks.

I ate some over priced plantains which were good.

Asheville was a treat and it felt good to be back! Definitely a great place to explore with many vegan options and fun things to do


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