Southern livin’ and restaurants 

We’re back into the east coast and into the southern states. It feels good to be back here, and I feel more appreciation for the east coast after being out west. Everything is so lush and green here. I want to make a quick statement to kollective in hot springs, Arkansas. I had the bright eyed tea which was AMAZING. All I remember is there was turmeric in it. Both times I went the service was great.

I ordered the portobello burger which was a special, and took off the cheese. The cook came over and insisted he replace the cheese with vegetables because he felt it was wrong to leave out food on the burger. Last time I went the lady who worked there allowed me to add a local farm egg rather than the other ones to my bagel. I really love this place!

We went through Memphis, and I headed over to imagine vegan cafe. I ordered the buffalo chicken burger, fries and a cookies and cream milkshake. All was super yummy and the prices were good as well. I was surprised to find Memphis had a few vegan restaurants.

We went to Mercers market, which you can pick apples at when in season. They have a bunch of apple cider and hard apple cider made from the apples on property. This was near Chattanooga, Tennessee, but technically in Georgia .

And here is my new goat friend at a snack stop in Tennessee.

Here is the place, and luckily there were vegan options!

A whole lot of boiled peanuts for $5!! It’s been interesting finding vegan options in very southern places, but it’s very possible.


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