Less cooking more improvising.. Days of driving a lot 

Hello world! Above are the great sand dunes in Colorado . This place is extremely blissful and even with people around it still seems quiete.

Lately we haven’t been camping as often and I have been grateful that we’ve had people to stay with.

At the same time lately we haven’t been cooking as much because we’ve been on the go and haven’t settled in a campground.

Natural grocers is a life saver for the need for good food, and luckily there had been some in Colorado. I picked up some cacao coconut granola to last me for the day’s we have to wake up and get going. It’s been very essential to have a food like that, which doesn’t require doing anything, like a bar or granola. It will save you from hangriness while traveling.

Yesterday I found a big container of juice for $5 at safe way, and went in on that. Drinking your nutrients is helpful too when you don’t have time for a sit down meal. The chips I can’t really say anything good about except they have carbs and calories for the day.

Here is me and how grateful and abundant I felt for having a giant juice. All food is super appreciated and I’m grateful to fuel up!

Aaaaaand today we came up with the idea (not the healthiest idea) of getting one giant meal in to fuel us for 7 hours in the car. So we went to a hibachi buffet in Oklahoma City. I wanted Indian but Sara doesn’t like good food so we didn’t go(ha ha just kidding, she just doesn’t like a lot of spices).

Surprisingly there were a lot of vegan options. I got some lo mein, rice, a sea weed rice tofu thing, some veggie sushi, potatoes and tempura.

Round 2 was pretty much the same except I got a plain steamed bun. That was yummy. This buffet was $8.00 before tax and tip. I’m not sure why we didn’t think of this before, but a buffet while traveling is a pretty good idea.

My fortune cookie is telling me I should finish up old tasks. I’m not sure what tasks I have to finish right now but I guess I have soon to find out.

So sometimes it can be difficult to eat healthy while traveling … But as long as I’m eating vegan and mostly healthy then I think I’ll be okay j


7 thoughts on “Less cooking more improvising.. Days of driving a lot 

  1. I am loving following your journey! Is there any way I can e-mail you? I haven’t seen a way to send a direct message on wordpress yet.


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