Coming back 

The past few days have been a journey, of healing and being.

A few days ago I got food poisoning or a stomach bug pretty bad and am still leaning myself into eating regular foods again.
This is the dinner that I ate before I felt the feelings I felt that weren’t so great to feel. It was rice, beets, beans, corn and onions. The canned beets may have gone bad but no one else had gotten sick when I did. Jenna is just now feeling a bit off so we’re thinking it may have been a stomach bug not poisoning. Regardless I’ve definitely cleansed my guts out and am grateful for my appetite.
My first real food was last night, at native foods in Boulder .
Their lavender lemonade was the best!!! The food I couldn’t really appreciate due to my lack of appetite.

This was the big ol bbq burger, all vegan and topped with some “bacon”, crispy shallots, bbq sauce, ranch, lettuce and mayo.

After dinner we headed to pearl st and explored the shops. We got there at perfect timing because after 7 parking is free.

The whole foods in Boulder is on point, they just came up with a vegan breakfast menu. I was tempted but my appetite still wasn’t ready to indulge in heavily spiced and delicious food.

So I got this not so great juice instead

And last but not least!!! Compost!!! There’s a whole compost section and whole foods wasn’t the only place with this. Boulder is up in the times and I feel we will see the rest of America follow soon 


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