Vegan at Denny’s ? 

This picture has nothing to do with Denny’s or vegan, but because I rather not use the Denny’s sign as the first picture, a rainbow seems more suitable.

The past 24 hours fast food has happened more times then probably the whole trip. Supporting these big chains is not my favorite thing to do, but when you’re on the go and hungry on a budget it sometimes is the option to make.

Here are some donkeys I just met at the gas station. I don’t know where they’re going, and I hope their safe. The woman let me pet them.

Being prepared can be very handy while traveling. At the same time sometimes I personally don’t want to think about what I’m eating in 8 hours and rather just live in the moment. Typically just buying a few fruits and vegetables with some bread is a good bet, and it puts less stress on having to think of a specific meal. On that note, having rice on hand has been super useful as well.

Here is the food from Denny’s. This is a grand slam order, which is 6.99 with the option of 4 items. My 4 items were 3 hash brown orders and 1 order of sour dough bread with a side of avocado for .99 cents extra.

Hash browns themselves are 2.79 so this combo saved a lot of money.

With the avocado I was able to make myself some avocado toast. Be sure to ask for no butter on your toast. I also ordered a hot water with lemon(which is free) and added my apple cider vinegar to it.

They also had a create your own burger with a veggie patty as an option, I’m not sure if that was vegan but it goes to show we have options! And now I know at Denny’s there is a cheaper option than ordering hash browns three times. If you’re on the go and need to do it and are vegan, it’s safe to say there will be food to fill you up.


4 thoughts on “Vegan at Denny’s ? 

  1. We were recently traveling and I found ordering dinner salads at Denny’s “hold the chicken “, substitute more mushroom (or whatever option you like) worked well & was nicely affordable!


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