The arrival to Oregon began with our visit to the Oregon country fair. This isn’t any ordinary fair and is more like a festival. It goes on for 3 days and involves classes, music and a lot of hand crafted items and good food.

Everyone was super weird, and I felt right at home. Here is an older man and some monkeys playing music.

We stayed in sea side and around there we found some wild rasberries!

Around there is also oyster mushrooms which I was lucky enough to receive due to it not being the season for mushrooms right now. I believe the season is September to April.

The first thing we did when we got to Portland was check out home grown smoker bbq, a vegan food truck with bbq food! This was a burger with Mac and cheese

I got the half platter for $9 which was 3 tempeh ribs, 2 hush puppies and Mac and no cheese. This was actually very filling !

We stopped into moon struck cafe, which was not completely vegan but luckily had vegan options! Their milk chocolate base for the hot chocolate is actually vegan, and I was able to replace the milk with almond Milk.

Powells book store was our last stop, and probably the biggest book store I have ever been in. There were multiple floors and a bunch of different rooms organized by color.

Along with a lot of vegan cook books!!!!

While walking back to the car we passed by this piano, which is open for anyone to play at anytime. A man was playing as we passed which was beautiful to see. Portland was a really cool city which I feel like needs more than just a day stay!!


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