Mt Shasta 

We arrived at mount Shasta at about 11 pm at night at bunny flats. Bunny flats is a free campground and was the highest up you could drive up until next week because of the snow on the mountain. Waking up we were delighted to see this view outside of our tent.
Quick and easy breakfast turned out to be avocado on a bagel with vegan mayo, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, garlic and tomatoe.

We went off to a meditation garden close by the downtown area of mount Shasta

1000s of prayer ties were on the trees, and a little station to make your own was there as well.

For dinner we picked up this pizza for 6.49 at the local store, we first attempted to cook it on the fire but ended up putting it to cook on the propane stove

We also attempted some garlic bread, where we literally just put oil and garlic powder on bread and put it on a pan. Honestly it turned out pretty good.

Yesterday we went off to a cacao ceremony with yoga at the downtown yoga center. It was great to finally get a yoga class in and I found that 90% of the people in the class were traveling as well.

At the main mt Shasta park we filled up our waters. This water is super clean and free of fluoride .

Our stay was ended with some delicious Thai food from Phuket Thai cafe , they had a separate vegan menu, a sweet waiter and delicious food. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mt Shasta 

  1. Meditation garden looks lovely. Out of interest how do you cook pizza on a stove? Do you cover it in foil? I’m just thinking because we have a camper van with a stove but no oven and sometime you just gotta have pizza!


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