SF was a weird town, but in a good way. We went to Haight Ashbury, which was filled with crystal and Tibetan shops, homeless travelers, a man playing dubstep from his bag and lots of fog.

This store blessed me with a new utility belt today as mine had almost ripped in half today

We checked out Hong Kong lounge because Sara was wanting to try some of San Frans dim sum. No one spoke english here which made it more authentic yet confusing when the items were brought to the table and we had to figure out which items had meat in them . I got the veggie chow me in and mushroom noodle roll, and I tried the vegetable dumpling which was yummy. We came when they were closing, if I had more time to process the menu I would have probably gotten something different. On another note, at first I thought the prices were for 1 of each, but in reality it came with 2-4. Overall it was delicious and reasonably priced

We also checked out a huge music store

Overall San fransisco was pretty cool, regarding temperature and spirit. It was weird seeing everyone bundled in what is to me winter clothes (being from Florida) in July . A lot of places were hiring here, this would be a cool place to work for a short period to get a feel for the city.


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