Yosemite and seitan sandwiches 

Getting to Yosemite first come first serve was our attempt as we woke up at 5 in the morning. A 2 hour drive turned into 7 but luckily we got the last spot in the campground.

It got super cold at night, around 40 and we were over 8000 in elevation. This was Tenaya lake, which was beautiful but freezing cold. If you hiked up a few hours you’d be in snow.

Although I wasn’t able to find any elderberries, I spoke to someone and they said their friend in west Yosemite makes elderberry syrup , so they are definitely around if you’re in the right place. This book in the visitors center was super handy, it showed all the plants in Yosemite and you could even search by specific area which plants were present.

In Tuolmne meadows I taught Jenna how to base me in chair pose, and it felt great to get back into Acro .

For dinner I made seitan sandwiches with a potatoe mash, the little Yosemite store had some meat alternatives.

I boiled the potatoes for about 20 minutes, until soft

I pan fried the seitan and then put it to the side

And toasted the bread on the pan too

Then I sautéed about 1 cup of spinach and after a minute I added the potatoes and mashed while in the pan. Added about 1/4 tsp salt and garlic powder and 1 tbsp avocado oil.

On the sandwich was more sautéed spinach, barbecue sauce, seitan and a tomatoe that sat in balsamic and spices.(Christine made it so I’m not sure but assuming paprika and cayenne)

On the way to Big Sur from Yosemite we came across this cute Mexican place

It had a diner vibe and had decent prices with good portions

This was the vegetarian burrito minus cheese and sour cream.

Here’s a cute moth and my hands! Cheers to full bellies and long drives 


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