LA and By Chloe 

LA was not what I remembered . Last time I went I was infatuated with the thought of being in California and my perspectives were a bit skewed.

Pros: lots of vegan options, lots of things to do, mountains, beaches

Cons: traffic, lots of people, weird energy

We went to the lake shrine temple which was a great little center in the midst of all the chaos. This temple seemed to have a lot of different philosophies around it but the temple was made for Yogananda.

A lot of people on a Sunday, but once you get into the chapel it is super serene.

And here’s my favorite part of LA!! The plan was originally to go to crossroads kitchen but I cancelled the reservation realizing there were 3 dollar signs on Yelp and small portions. We went to By Chloe and I ordered the guac burger(amazing!!!!) and air fried fries. Pictured above is also the meatball sub and some dip, with some chipotle aioli and beet ketchup.  And it’s all vegan!!

And not to mention next door is 365 by whole foods , which is a lot cheaper than whole foods. We got avocados on sale for .75 cents each. And I finally bought a b12 supplement because getting b12 on the road is harder than at home.

We searched for a hike to the Hollywood sign and google led us to the Griffith Observatory, which after hours of running around to find a spot, they finally opened the main parking lot and we got in for sunset.

To go inside is all free and it’s definitely worth checking out if you can beat all the crazy traffic.
LA you were cool and I may see you again but driving here is something I cannot handle!


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