Veggie burgers and Zion 

We hiked the Zion national park narrows yesterday, and it was quite the experience. I was forced by the water to swim a few times due to the strong flow and deep water. 

Something many people probably don’t know is the squirrels in Zion are super friendly, one let me quickly pet him. They’re also really chubby because they eat all the people food. 


Makes enough for : 5 people 

Time: an hour


2 potatoes

4 carrots

1 clove garlic 

Salt to taste

Nutritional yeast to taste 

1 onion

1 can beans 

1/2 cup quinoa 

1 can veggie broth to cook quinoa 

(Optional:broccoli for side)


Get out your 2 potatoes and 4 carrots 

Chop em up in square equal sized pieces! 

Get your onion out

Chop it up!

Boil the potatoes and carrots until soft, this took forever for me because of the small pot we have 

Sauté onions with garlic 

So we don’t have a food processor while camping, if we did I would use that but I mashed the can of beans with the onions

Add boiled carrots and potatoes and mash, about 3/4 of them if you want a side, or just add it all.  add salt and nutritional yeast to taste.. Or whatever spices you like 

We sautéed some of the potatoes and carrots with broccoli as a side. This step isn’t necessary 

Now boil your quinoa .. About 1/2 cup in some veggie broth 

Now we mash the quinoa into the mixture and it’s all ready to grill!

With about 1 tbsp of oil, form patties , grill and flip burgers 

I added some avocado and tomatoe on my sour dough. This recipe took a bit to make while camping, but overall was delicious and enjoyed by everyone. 
We also went out to eat one night in Zion at gourmet grille
I had some Asian style tofu and cucumber salad, it tasted nice but not worth the price. This plate before tax and tip was $16. Could definitely be made for probably $2. 


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