Adventures in Arizona 

Today was an adventure. It involved about 10 hours of driving, and getting lost multiple times.

We drove from Santa Fe to the painted desert, and ended up going to the wrong place, it took us to the mini painted desert. 

We then put the real one in our navigation, after an hour of driving back east we were not at the painted desert.

The locals told us that the painted desert is in the petrified forest and multiple people come by and have the same issue we had. 

We realized it wasn’t meant to be when it was already about 7:30 pm. 

Spirit guided us to a cool town called FLag staff, we ended up dropping here to originally get gas but decided it would be a cool place to eat and stay 

We ended up going to red curry vegan restaurant

We ordered lemongrass green curry with beans, quinoa salad and a red pineapple curry. The pineapple curry was my favorite 

This town is pretty lively, but paying for parking makes cities less appealing. 

After running around town for about an hour and a half to find a motel after dinner, we ended up here at the snow ball inn. An update that this town is crowded on a Saturday night for motels, and the rates are more than they should be. 

I’m grateful to be in a bed, and have a place to rest. This is our third night in a row not camping, and I’m starting to want to get back in nature. A notice that after driving for so long we all have a natural high and remembered to laugh at the jokes that the universe plays on us sometimes.

Remember to not take life too seriously and laugh when you’re frustrated 



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