Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Today after a long 10 hour drive we arrived to New Mexico. We’re here staying at the international hostel,

We found a really cute vegetarian place, they’re mostly gluten free and vegan. Their food was very whole some. The name is annapurnas world vegan cafe . 

The chef showed us next door and the kitchen, they have Ayurvedic treatments and cooking classes. 

I had a masala wrap, it was Wholesome and spicy. Jenna got a vegan BLT which was delicious, Skye got a veggie burger, and Sara got a salad . 

Santa Fe has really strong energy and we are over 6000 feet up high. 

Women’s nipples are free here in Santa Fe , but like most places, it doesn’t seem to be a cultural norm although it is legal. 

The workers at the hostel were uncomfortable and informed us to not be topless in the kithen because the boss gets uncomfortable and because of “families” 

The concept of covering a breast because of families makes the least sense, they were most recently having to feed a child through that part, it should be most accepted through new families. 

At the end of the day a nipple is not sexual, shouldn’t be awkward, and we as woman should not feel uncomfortable being topless ! This is ingrained in us and even myself, being topless in places it is legal I feel anxiety because of societal pressure. I want to contribute to legalizing our natural selves, but for now as I am topless where it is legal , I expose the world to what they are not used to , making it because more of a norm. The world is changing, and we have to be that change. 


5 thoughts on “Santa Fe, New Mexico 

  1. I really want you to know that A) I could not possibly agree more about the importance, the freedom, the joy of freeing the nipple. We need to enlighten as much of the friends we make in our travels as we can as to why there shouldn’t be draconian restrictions on our bodies! And B) that I can’t help but notice you hide yours on this very blog. Though I don’t use wordpress myself, I make a point of going topless in as many of my photos as possible. Every picture helps!

    Please keep up the positive work and keep exploring!


    1. Hello! Yes I agree , and I myself don’t free the nipple on my blog because my blog is mostly centered around food and just now travels as well, due to restrictions I’m not sure how the policies are regarding that in word press. But in real life I am making an effort to expose people to women’s nipples as often as possible so they can get over the sexualization of it


      1. I came for the brilliant food outlook and now I’m staying for the brilliant perspectives on everything else 🙂 You are inspirational! Do you have any other blogs or sites, if so I would love to read more of your words! And so I don’t treat your WordPress like a Facebook wall anymore, please feel free to email me!


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