Campfire stuffed bell peppers 

Last night we cooked up some bell peppers with sweet potatoes on the side . We used ….


Cashews and peanuts 






Sweet potatoes 

Maple syrup

Balsamic reduction 

The mushrooms, onions, garlic and tops of the peppers got sautéed together and the white rice was put to boil 

After it all got mixed together with some cashews and peanuts crushed up.

We stuffed the peppers then wrapped the peppers and potatoes in foil

The sweet potatoes cooked about 50 minutes and then the bell peppers went on for about 20

We added maple syrup to the sweet potatoe , pictured above if before the balsamic reduction went on the potatoe, which turned out to be really good.

We’re eating good out in the woods and I’m grateful for foods.

We also found a grocery store called krogers which is like a blend between whole foods and publix, a way better alternative to Walmart.


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