Sauerkraut Making Adventures And The Art Of Getting Things Done

Sometimes we forget to make time for the things that are important to us. I feel that living through intentions can help us get out of this stagnant energy. There doesn’t always need to be an intention to everything, sometimes I cook just to experiment and play, and that’s usually why I can only capture a few recipes. Allowing ourselves time to experiment is also important because it lets us experience something with out all the pressure of it going somewhere. Yet if we don’t have intention, we lack that left brain energy that we need. Balance is important, with anything in life. We need time to equally play and be creative, yet the energy to create with purpose and intention.

There is so much around us that we don’t recognize. So many resources. I have all these places planned to go to around the world, yet there are so many places I haven’t seen within my state or even my city. I think this can stand true for many  people.


This is the Orlando Public Library, where I’m currently typing right now. This is my first time working in this library.DSCF1637.jpg

We can find inspiration even in our own town, we don’t need to go to India to find it. Setting foot in a new space can help us find inspiration, but even setting foot into a new space in our mind. What I’m getting to is intention creates a new space for us to live through. Setting intentions for the day lets us live through new lenses and manifest things more easily.


1 cabbage

2 tbsp salt

2 beets

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp garlic

1/4 onion

lil thumb of ginger

Shred up your cabbage, beets and ginger! You can also use a knife, depending on personal preference. At this time you might want to chop up your onion aswell.


Mix in your 2 tbsp salt first, the salt gets out the liquid out of the saurkraut. You’ll have to massage the cabbage for a bit until you get a good amount of liquid out.


Now mix in 2 beets, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp garlic  , 1/4 onion ,lil thumb of gingerunnamed-3.jpg

Let your sauerkraut sit in a mason jar outside of refrigeration so it can ferment for a week – a month. I ended up letting this one ferment for about 3 and a half weeks.


Thank you to Jeff for sharing space and vegetables from his food forest for this project, and also for these great pictures 🙂

Jeff is associated with orlando permaculture which ties in the practices of sustainability and community building activities like these! For more information ..


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